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We remain open for medical treatments & services 

As a regulated medical clinic, Dr Xavier’s Clinic is open, offering medical services in line with opticians and dentists and other medical facilities.

If you have visited our clinic during the last few months, you will have seen first hand the Covid-secure procedures we have put in place after the first lockdown, and we can assure you that these will remain.

We are continuing to offer a very safe service. It's exactly the same as in an NHS GP practice, providing medical services in a very Covid-safe way.

However, we also respect that you may not want to come to the clinic and leave your homes in these present times, but it is a Covid-secure facility that you are coming to. You are not breaking any laws by leaving your home during the current lockdown to come to a medical clinic for a medical service.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on 02380637638.

Before attending clinic please read:

To help us manage the flow of people in the clinic for cleaning purposes please help us by arriving at your scheduled time, not earlier and please arrive alone.
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For more information contact our team