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Dr Xavier's clinic offers a wide range of options for weight loss, toning-up, treating stubborn areas of fat as well as improving health and clean eating plans. Includes:


- 30 DAYS to Healthy Living & Beyond

- AQUALYX Fat Dissolving Injections

- MEDCONTOUR Ultrasound

Be the BEST version of YOU!  


Start weight 16st 7lbs

Finish weight 11st 1lbs

Lost 5st 6lbs in 23 weeks


We are particularly proud to be part of a national network of specially licensed doctor-only clinics offering Alevere Therapy (contour shaping weight reduction). 


We believe our clinic is the only MULTI-DISCIPLINE clinic of its kind in Southampton and Hampshire, to offer such a wide range of weight loss treatments and therapies under one roof. 


We bring together a team of professionals that include medical doctors and specially trained therapists as well as other allied partner practitioners including a degree-qualified nutritional therapist, an NLP practitioner and a specialist-registered surgeon. We understand and recognise that individuals have individual needs. 






The clinic caters for the needs of those who simply have small areas of stubborn fat deposits on the body and those who have a few pounds to lose to people seeking quality-of-life-changing solutions with several stones to lose and for whom their weight is significantly affecting their health and possible life expectancy. 

The Weight Loss Clinic Southampton - based at the UK award-winning Dr Xavier's Clinic in the city centre - has been successfully offering people concerned about their weight, body shape and health a range of treatments  for over 8 years. 

We do seem to love our glossy brands and often choose them for their name, the packaging, their fragrance or simply because we believe what we are told.

Whatever their claims, most high-street skincare products do not actually penetrate into the living layers of skin to make a difference and they have no active anti-ageing effect on the skin.

Although often fragrant, luxurious and very expensive they will not prevent our skin from ageing nor will they repair damage that has already occurred. If they did, they would be re-classified as medical products rather than cosmetics and regulated accordingly.

Why not consider gradually changing your skincare products to those recommended by one of our medical practitioners? Clinic-based products don’t cost any more than many high-street brands but they’re more effective.

There are a number of options to choose from to suit your budget and preferences but let our medical practitioners guide you as to the best option for you.

Call us on 023 80 637 638 for more information or a no-obligation consultation. Ask for more information today!

The Great British Skincare Scandal!

We’re constantly bombarded by the television and press campaigns from the cosmetics industry, which create a very glossy, upmarket and intensely desirable image for many high-street skincare brands. 

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Genius Ultra - facial ultrasound - 40% off

The range of treatments and services we offer have been carefully and sensitively brought together and our clinic is led by our medical doctor - Dr Xavier who has years of experience in treating weight loss and body shaping.

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Thinning hair?
Dr Xavier and his medical Associates

Dr Xavier is one of the UK’s most established cosmetic doctors and he is joined in the clinic by his medical Associates; Dr Elina Treija and our Senior Nurse Elizabeth Bardolph.

Dr Xavier speaking at a UK medical conference

Dr Xavier has worked in cosmetic (aesthetic) medicine for 15 years and full-time for over a decade. Amongst his credentials, Dr Xavier is a full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM), for whom he also served a term as a Director and Committee Board Member.


Dr Xavier is regularly an invited lecturer in cosmetic treatments, where he trains doctors and surgeons from Harley Street and across the UK and Europe at seminars and conferences.


A number of our clients are themselves doctors, nurses or dentists who all entrust Dr Xavier and his team with their care. He has also appeared on national television a number of times, as an invited opinion leader on cosmetic treatments.


Dr Elina Treija is a medical doctor with experience in medical aesthetic treatments, hair regrowth therapies, medically-supervised weight loss as well as our intravenous infusions. 


Elizabeth Bardolph is one of a higher-qualified group of nurses in the UK that can prescribe like doctors, having studied to become an Independent Nurse Practitioner. She has over 20 years’ experience in cosmetic treatments and is a founding member and past President of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN).

Dr Elina Treija
Senior Nurse Elizabeth Bardolph awarded a Lifetime Industry Achievement Award

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